First of all, thank you for following us for our last 20 updates. It’s time for us to make a small conclusion.

In our blog, we introduced the concept of the autonomous vehicles, gave our own and experts’ opinions on auto vehicles, and we try to analyze from both technology and non-technology point of view.

Personally speaking, I think this technology is quite feasible and it will surely be on the market in the next 15 or 20 years. But it may only be allowed to be used in some countries. (Canada for example, or North Europe. Because these countries don’t have the traffic jam and most of the roads are not so busy).

To be widely used and accepted both economically and ethically around the whole world, I think it is still a long way to go.

How do you think about autonomous vehicles?

We kindly ask your conclusions about autonomous vehicles.



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5 responses to “Conclusion

  1. It is very hard to predict when this technology can be sold on the markets. Many barriers are in the way and when testing it many other obstacles will come. Probably it will come in small steps like there is cruise control, now cars can stop automatically, next maybe autonomous driving on the freeways and so on. So it will vague to say when it really started. But fully autonomous cars in the next 15,20 years? Could be, But I think it will be later. Thanks for the interesting posts

    • Thanks for your interesting comments and following as well! Every big project is accomplished step by step, what we are doing now for our thesis is a small part of the whole study and research, which we do hope it will be helpful to make auto vehicles appear on the market as soon as possible.

  2. Probably, it will be like you said, it will be allowed in some countries were there is not that much traffic. But maybe it will be a solution for traffic jams in busy cities? Becauses vehicles adjust to each other, traffic will be more fluently.

    • Probably! Path planning and optimization done by intelligent systems is very likely to be smarter than experienced drivers! We do look forward to seeing auto vehicles run on the street and bringing changes to our daily life!Thanks for your comments and following hope you learnt a lot with us!

  3. I think one of the benefits of driverless cars is increasing the ultilization of the road and reducing the traffic jams. So, maybe it is better to allow autonomous cars in the contries where the roads are more crowded.

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