The marriage of electrical vehicles and autonomous vehicles

21st century is the one in which electric vehicles just start to compete with the gasoline/diesel cars. As a very powerful way of beating the traditional cars, the autonomous driving can be an effective method and a key feature for electric vehicles.

As quite a lot of people are concerned about the safety of the autonomous vehicles, “a natural path towards full autonomy therefore starts with small, short range and most likely electric vehicles that provide local mobility at low speeds and in increasingly less controlled environments. (1).In this way, both the electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles can enter the market together.

In conclusion, I suggest that we could apply the autonomous driving technology to the electric vehicles. In this way, the electric vehicles may be more competitive both economically and ecologically.




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4 responses to “The marriage of electrical vehicles and autonomous vehicles

  1. Will applying the autonomous driving technology to the electric vehicles not become unpayable for 99% of the people? An electric vehicle is allready very expensive. I don’t have an idea of the price of an autonomous vehicle but I suppose it will be a lot too.

    • You get the point! It is surely very expensive because now people prefer normal vehicle the price of gasoline is still OK. But as the price of the gasoline goes higher in the future and more and more people tend to use the electrical vehicles, the price will drop I think.

  2. Reblogged this on jefboogaerts and commented:
    Do you have an idea of what a completely autonomous vehicle will cost?

    • It is hard to tell now because if autonomous vehicles want to become commercially feasible they must have a competitive price with traditional vehicles otherwise they would not be accepted. So I predict that the price would be affordable to average workers once auto vehicles are in the market.

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