IT companies vs Car companies

Apple, the world’s most valuable technology firm, should buy Tesla, the pioneering electric-car company which has defied the skeptics and become a new icon of Silicon Valley innovation. That was the idea come up  late last year by a financial analyst who made headlines by suggesting that Apple “could reignite the U.S. auto industry” by helping to “accelerate” the global shift toward hybrid and electric vehicles.(

Though the news about apple burying Tesla seems to be a rumor now, but there is more and more cooperation between the IT giants and the autonomous vehicle industry. In fact, all the companies interested in autonomous vehicles can be divided into 2 groups: the IT companies and traditional vehicle companies. For the IT companies, they care more about cloud technology services, for instance cloud computing and cloud information sharing. Cloud services could be more widely used by introducing the services into autonomous vehicles market. At the same time, traditional car manufacturers would also benefit a lot from the emerging new high-tech, for example, smart systems embedded in cloud services could make vehicles run at economical speeds and directions, which could save time or energy.

To sum up, we can say that the future car companies must be the hybrid of IT companies and traditional car manufacturers. Only in this way will they benefit most both economically and ecologically.


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