The first commercial autonomous vehicle goes on sale!

A small French company, Induct, launched its first commercial autonomous vehicle,Navia, in January 2014. Navia carries up to eight passengers and costs around $250,000. It is expected to be used in airports, university campuses, stadiums and arenas and costs 40 per cent less than traditional shuttles. Instead of detecting obstacles using GPS and coordinates information, it uses lasers to avoid obstacles. However, its speed limit is just 12.5 mph. For safety there is an emergency button in case of accidents. Passengers can communicate with Navia via their smart devices to specify destination.
What is remarkable in this case is that Navia does not need any prior infrastructure to guide itself therefore it is expected to work on any sort of site. As the starter of autonomous vehicles, it is even more meaningful to the later development as it kind of paves the way for the future autonomous vehicles.



by | March 5, 2014 · 7:29 pm

6 responses to “The first commercial autonomous vehicle goes on sale!

  1. Will these ‘Navia’ cost 40% less in use or is the purchase cost of $250000 included? In my opinion, $250000 for a small vehicle just used on airports etc. is very expensive.

    • One-time purchase price is 250000 dollars and it leads to a reduction of 40% of the traditional shuttles. The one-time price is relatively high but it has good long-term effects as it is expected be in service for years and little maintenance consumption.

  2. Hi, this video cannot working anymore. It is better change it.

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