The autonomous vehicle revolution

In Peter Phleps’s talk, he came up with several new concepts while summarizing and predicting what is going to happen in the future. Firstly, he mentioned autonomous vehicles not only facilitate the life of the elderly and the handicapped, but also people, he called, “super-commuters”, by which he means people could have more working space and time during their commuting. Therefore fluent working process will be guaranteed seamlessly. Secondly, he said more car ride sharing could be widely used and living rhythms would be more efficient for urban people. Afterwards, several drawbacks were mentioned, for example congestion and the number of cars will be increased due to the easy access and controls of cars. Finally, he summarized the whole presentation by going back to the old question: Could autonomous vehicles be morally accepted by people? Actually, we do believe autonomous vehicles are always technically feasible, however, what is in the way is that if they are desirable to all the relevant people. So, it can be a brand-new topic for Beyond Engineering in Group T


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by | March 2, 2014 · 6:18 pm

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