How about our privacy

It will be really good for the engineers to know exactly about all the information of all the vehicles on the road so the autonomous vehicles can drive much safer and much energy efficient. But what kind of security level should this information be.

Remind that when there are autonomous vehicles, the smart technology in the vehicle will not only have the information of the vehicle parameters only. Information like which websites you were surfing when you drive, how many tickets you got from the policeman for the last month,what kind of the stores you shopped, the clubs and the restaurants you went can all be gathered from your vehicle. This information from your vehicles is very valuable to the advertising companies. You will receive more specific ads as a results. Good or bad, I can’t say.

If you want cheat your wife and hook up with hot girls, take care of your vehicles! Your wife will know that.

Also, what if hackers hack into your vehicle control system? This kind of murder is even hard for Sherlock.




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4 responses to “How about our privacy

  1. I find the thought that someone can hack your car system interesting because it will the same as a PC at home only it can give extra ‘sensitive’ data. Sophisticated firewalls must be implemented but it will be hard to stop these best hackers in the world.

  2. Talking about those specific ads, I think it’s good. It’s better to have some information and advertisements about the thinks you like than the things you don’t like. Because anyway, there will be advertisements.

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