How seriously this technology influences our society

Before we talk about our vehicles, let’s see what’s happening when we have other “smart” technologies. Before the smart phones get popular in China, I can still remember when family gathered together and had a nice conversation with each other. But thanks to smart phones, more and more people are almost “controlled” by their phones.

The same thing may happen for autonomous vehicles. When the vehicle is autonomous, people may stay more inside their vehicles, and vehicles may become so important that almost becomes their “home”. When this technology becomes so advanced, you don’t need to drive your children to school and you vehicle is able to do that. But is that good? As the technology is becoming more and more dominant in our life, the face-to-face social life is becoming less and less. If we accept this technology, we have to accept everything it will bring.




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2 responses to “How seriously this technology influences our society

  1. In contradiction to smartphones, I don’t think autonomous vehicles will go the same way. When your car is driving autonomously, the ‘driver’ will have more time to talk to his passengers, without creating dangerous situations.

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