Road condition and autonomous vehicles

Even if the technology and law are all ok for the autonomous vehicles, the complex road condition can still be a problem. When it’s icy on the road, the vehicle may have some difficulties detecting these icy areas. The same goes for the sudden changes of the road. For example, the storm causes trees on the road, or traffic accident just happened in the front. So information must be updated as soon as possible.

Also because the driver may be sleeping and the computer is driving the vehicle, it may be hard to have the gesture communication. For example, if you are riding your bicycle, and point your hand at left side showing you are going to turn left. The autonomous vehicles are not able to recognize your gestures (That’s too challenge for the computer). It’s not also feasible for the policeman to use gesture to ask the driver to pull over.



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2 responses to “Road condition and autonomous vehicles

  1. Road conditions are already taken into account for the performances of sport cars (suspension settings, fueling, …), so I’d think that autonomous vehicles should adapt to those quite easily.
    However, your other examples are very pertinent… How would a policeman signal a car to stop at a crossing? Or notice the cyclist?.. This is very complex recognition, that would result in a lot of “errors” (quite painful for the cyclist). Good point! Those in favor of autonomous vehicles never point out these situations!

  2. Thank your for you reply. For me I even miss the day we rode the horses. The nature scenery is unchanged. Now the roads are everywhere…

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