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How about our privacy

It will be really good for the engineers to know exactly about all the information of all the vehicles on the road so the autonomous vehicles can drive much safer and much energy efficient. But what kind of security level should this information be.

Remind that when there are autonomous vehicles, the smart technology in the vehicle will not only have the information of the vehicle parameters only. Information like which websites you were surfing when you drive, how many tickets you got from the policeman for the last month,what kind of the stores you shopped, the clubs and the restaurants you went can all be gathered from your vehicle. This information from your vehicles is very valuable to the advertising companies. You will receive more specific ads as a results. Good or bad, I can’t say.

If you want cheat your wife and hook up with hot girls, take care of your vehicles! Your wife will know that.

Also, what if hackers hack into your vehicle control system? This kind of murder is even hard for Sherlock.




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How seriously this technology influences our society

Before we talk about our vehicles, let’s see what’s happening when we have other “smart” technologies. Before the smart phones get popular in China, I can still remember when family gathered together and had a nice conversation with each other. But thanks to smart phones, more and more people are almost “controlled” by their phones.

The same thing may happen for autonomous vehicles. When the vehicle is autonomous, people may stay more inside their vehicles, and vehicles may become so important that almost becomes their “home”. When this technology becomes so advanced, you don’t need to drive your children to school and you vehicle is able to do that. But is that good? As the technology is becoming more and more dominant in our life, the face-to-face social life is becoming less and less. If we accept this technology, we have to accept everything it will bring.



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Watch out these careless drivers

For now, the vehicles are still the most dangerous way to travel, when compared to the train and airplane. There are always some drivers they are not really reliable. Maybe they are just careless, they are drunk or just because they are not really good at driving. If you meet the emergency situations, an experienced driver may take some special actions to avoid accident. But these things are too “strange” and difficult to handle because of the unpredictability of these careless drivers.

So in conclusion, if you want to have the autonomous vehicles and human driving vehicles together on the road, the human drivers must also change a little bit and reach a higher level.
That’s another challenge may make the driver license harder to get.

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Road condition and autonomous vehicles

Even if the technology and law are all ok for the autonomous vehicles, the complex road condition can still be a problem. When it’s icy on the road, the vehicle may have some difficulties detecting these icy areas. The same goes for the sudden changes of the road. For example, the storm causes trees on the road, or traffic accident just happened in the front. So information must be updated as soon as possible.

Also because the driver may be sleeping and the computer is driving the vehicle, it may be hard to have the gesture communication. For example, if you are riding your bicycle, and point your hand at left side showing you are going to turn left. The autonomous vehicles are not able to recognize your gestures (That’s too challenge for the computer). It’s not also feasible for the policeman to use gesture to ask the driver to pull over.


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