Autonomous racing cars

The ORCA racing project is about controlling autonomous model vehicles along a predefined path and racing between cars. It is done by ETH Zurich while having the purpose of studying high-speed and real time control. As it might be known, offline control in most of the cases is ok because of the lack of time limitations about calculating the control signals, however, online real time can be very different due to intensive timing steps. Numerous online real time strategies have been done by research though still being extremely promising in this field. The linked video clearly shows the great achievements by ORCA team and the comparison between old PID controller and new MPC control is simply incredible as it enhances the beliefs that the future of autonomous vehicles is attractive with the growing controllability! More interesting can be found on



by | December 1, 2013 · 8:22 pm

3 responses to “Autonomous racing cars

  1. I saw this in the news today:

    But I guess from your name you won’t understand dutch. They said that totally autonomous cars will be ready in 15 or 20 years. You found that realistic? Also that only the rich could afford such technology on their cars.

    • Hey! We do believe the future of autonomous vehicles is promising. However, the future development of autonomous vehicles depends on many factors, for instance policy, ethical aspects, technologies. We do hope that they can come into market as soon as possible and they can be affordable for most of us^_^

  2. Holy sh$t, that’s impressive! I wonder how many of those cars have crashed… Still, very impressive demonstration of the progress of controllers. We should do something like that at Group T! But bigger… Fill the entire Atrium… 😀

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