How exactly can the autonomous drive influence our daily lives?

  1. Environmental friendly.

Autonomous vehicle can optimize the control signal so that the energy consumption is minimum, that’s just what we do in our thesis project.

  1. Better driving comfort

The autonomous vehicle can even make turns better than an experienced driver can do.

  1. Elimination of redundant passengers – If you are going to the airport, you don’t need to let your friend to drive you there and he drives back himself.(1) :from wikipedia
  2. Reduction in the need for traffic police (1) :from wikipedia
  3. Disable/old people can easily “drive” a car.
  4. You can free you hand and have a relaxing journey.
  5. Traffic jam can be avoid or at least improved by communication between vehilcles.
  6. “Perhaps most radically, personal cars could potentially be used like taxis, dropping their owners off at a location, driving home, and then picking them up again when called”(2)


But there is something which is not so perfect.

Do you think the driving skill of the future people who use the autonomous vehicle will be better? Perhaps not. Maybe vehicle driving will become something like a hobby- like some people enjoying riding the single wheel bicycle. Relying too much on the technology is a good thing a bad thing, that’s a question. According to the movie “WALL·E”, the future people are all really fat and are taken care by the machines- maybe things like that will happen, who knows?


Also an autonomous vehicle is under risk of system breakdown. The future murder can be that vehicle computer system is contaminated by the virus. If there are backdoors in the software which can be accessed by the hacker, we are in danger!






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4 responses to “How exactly can the autonomous drive influence our daily lives?

  1. Hi,
    For cars to become autonomous they must be able to make decisions in situations that are not predictable. So is it that before autonomous cars can exist there must be first a lot of development in artificial intelligence. So maybe we must first invest in robots like for example Honda’s Asimo so that AI will improve and can be then past over to cars.

    • Sorry for our late reply^_^. The development indeed is highly dependent on artificial intelligence, for instance lots of optimization methods are employed to make sure the autonomous vehicles run in a “smart” or optimal way for time and energy consumption. Among these optimization techniques, machine learning or specifically nueronetwork is very promising as it enables vehicles to learn to drive just like what human beings do. A new post about optimization on autonomous vehicles is coming!

  2. Hey, nice post. Do you think, once, the ‘intelligence’ will be that reliable that cars will drive alone, without someone who can intervene when it goes wrong? I think there will always appear problems which lead to dangerous situations. So, in my opinion, cars will once drive themselves, but they will never drive without driver.

    • Yeah! I do agree with your concept! However, “drivers” may be a brand new concept comparing to the old one, which is almost equal to car manipulators. In the future, I believe “drivers” will play a role behind the scene, vehicles can only run autonomously under the design of their “drivers”, who will determine its behavior and train its self-learning skills. With the help of their machine learning skills, they are able to adapt themselves to different situations and make right decision at right time.

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