What about the law ?

The law issue is quite a big issue for the autonomous vehicles. Talking about laws, it’s a complex story. With more than 200 countries in the world, the laws are also different in different areas. The autonomous vehicles can be a headache in lawmakers.

  • Question 1: Should autonomous vehicle be legal ?
  • Question 2: What should be the role of the human in autonomous vehicle- should there be a person with driving license supervising the system ?
  • Question 3:   Who should be responsible if the autonomous vehicle cause an accident ?
  • Question 4: This is quite a notable question. As there are always cameras on the autonomous vehicles, will people agree the law which will cause so many cameras running on the road ?That means you will be under the camera anywhere with a autonomous vehicle.

Dozens of questions like this,

“Must the “drivers” remain vigilant, their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road? If not, what are they allowed to do inside, or outside, the vehicle?”

“To what standard, then, should these vehicles be held? Must they perform as well as a perfect human driver for any conceivable maneuver? Or must they perform merely as well as an average human in a statistical sense? In any case, how should that performance be measured?” (1)

There are already laws about the autonomous vehicle. In California, it’s allowed to test the autonomous vehicle under the supervision of human beings.

In America,the state of Nevada, California, and Florida all have passed legislation regulating autonomous or self-driving cars.

Also in Japan,” The Japanese government has granted an autonomous Nissan Leaf a license plate, making it the first road-legal self-driving car in the island nation.”(2)


So anyway, the law making for the autonomous vehicle will takes a longer time than we think. Some people said that the technology will be on the market in 2020, but the law will be far behind than 2020. Law is always behind the technology.






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3 responses to “What about the law ?

  1. Laws are slow to change, but they’re changing. In California, home of Google and the self driving cars, the laws have adapted so that Google could do real life testing. Proof that laws evolve! And that Google Inc. has some great lobbyists…

    Autonomous cars will not be sold until the laws allow them to be on the roads. Here in Europe, far from Google’s grasp, the laws will be slower to evolve. I think politicians will get a real incentive to change them when the traditional car manufacturers will start putting out their own solutions. Which is going to take some time (the Germans have a classic approach, maybe the French will be first, since they follow hypes more easily. Let’s hope not the Italians…that might be dangerous).

  2. Much will depend on the success in probably the USA/california I guess. However with still growing pressure on durability and clean energy the politicians will not hold back this innovations for long. But there is no doubt that it will take a lot of time and courage to put down laws for autonomous vehicles with their big questions of safety, responsibilities, lawsuits,…

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